Xena, Saskatchewan

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Xena, Saskatchewan
Xena, Saskatchewan is located in Saskatchewan
Xena, Saskatchewan
Xena, Saskatchewan
Location in Saskatchewan
Coordinates: 51°43′N 105°36′W / 51.717°N 105.600°W / 51.717; -105.600Coordinates: 51°43′N 105°36′W / 51.717°N 105.600°W / 51.717; -105.600
Country Canada
Province Saskatchewan
Rural Municipalities (R.M.) Morris No. 312, Saskatchewan
Time zone CST (UTC−6)

Xena, Saskatchewan was a village in Saskatchewan. The last building was demolished in the 1970s. It is now an unincorporated area in the rural municipality of Morris No. 312, in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Xena is located on Highway 2 in central Saskatchewan.


Xena was part of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway later named the Canadian National Railway alphabet railway naming system appearing between Watrous and Young[5]


The population of an unincorporated area is so small, that the census enumerates the residents as a part of the rural municipality.

Sites of interest[edit]

Manitou District Regional Park is located within 10 km or 6 miles


51°43′N 105°36′W / 51.717°N 105.600°W / 51.717; -105.600[6]

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