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1914 Xenia

The Xenia was an American cyclecar designed by P. E. Hawkins of Cleveland and manufactured in Xenia, Ohio in 1914.[1] The factory was Fred Baldner's machine shop, in which Baldner manufactured his own car from 1900 to 1903.[2]

The Model 14A was built with the odd combination of an epicyclic gearbox and belt final drive, and was powered by an 1164 cc vee-twin Deluxe engine.[1] The body seated two passengers in a tandem arrangement, and the car sold for $395.[1] A Xenia was driven from Ohio all the way to San Francisco without problems, while another Xenia finished first in the cyclecar races held in Columbus, Ohio in August 1914.[2]

The Hawkins Cyclecar Company went out of business in October 1914, with total production of the Xenia being approximately 25 cars.[1]


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