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Developer(s) Ben Vanik; Justin Moore (DrChat); Rick (gibbed)
Stable release
1.0.629 / 24 February 2017; 2 months ago (2017-02-24)
Development status Active
Written in C++, C, Assembly, Python
Operating system Windows 8.1 or later
Platform x86-64 with AVX2
Size 10 MB (Source)
Type Video game console emulator
License New BSD License
Website xenia.jp

Xenia is a free and open-source emulator for Microsoft Windows that allows Xbox 360 console games to be played on a personal computer. As of August 2016, the emulator is capable of playing approximately fifty Xbox 360 titles at full speed.[1][2]


In March 2014, Ben Vanik, the author of the emulator, released a proof of concept video showing that the emulator is capable of playing Frogger 2, a 2008 Xbox Live Arcade title.[3] This marked the emulator's first playable commercial title.[4] Development of the emulator was moving at a slow pace, as the March 2014 video of Frogger 2 was the result of four years of development work. The video shows the game being emulated at a low framerate which the author attributes to the program using a debug interpreter for emulation; as development progresses, the speed should increase to a more playable level.[3]

A new video in March 2015 showed the Xbox 360 title A-Train HX running at full speed with rendered 3D graphics only a year after the Frogger video, indicating that development had sped up.[1] In addition to speed increases, Vanik plans for the emulator to support playing other titles in the future.[4] The author stated that the goal of the Xenia project is to disseminate research information on modern device and operating system emulation.

See also[edit]

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