Xenophanes (crater)

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Coordinates 57°30′N 82°00′W / 57.5°N 82.0°W / 57.5; -82.0Coordinates: 57°30′N 82°00′W / 57.5°N 82.0°W / 57.5; -82.0
Diameter 125 km
Depth 3.2 km
Colongitude 86° at sunrise
Eponym Xenophanes

Xenophanes is a lunar crater that is located along the northwestern limb of the Moon. It is nearly attached to Volta, a similar formation to the south-southwest. To the northeast is the smaller crater Cleostratus. Xenophanes is significantly foreshortened when viewed from the Earth, hindering observation.

It is a worn and eroded crater with a battered outer rim that is overlaid by several smaller craters. The rim is a circular range of rugged, irregular ground that is notched in places along the inner wall. A chain of small craters lies along the northern and northeastern rim. At the west end, a pair of clefts in the rim nearly join the floor to the surface beyond. To the northeast, Xenophanes A is an impact crater with a sharp rim and a rough interior.

The interior surface is irregular, but sections have been resurfaced by basaltic lava. A pair of flooded crater rims lie along the southern and northeast sections of the interior. The interior is more level and less rough at the eastern end.

Xenophanes captured with a telescope

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Xenophanes.

Xenophanes Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 60.1° N 84.8° W 42 km
B 59.4° N 80.5° W 15 km
C 59.6° N 78.7° W 8 km
D 58.6° N 77.4° W 12 km
E 58.1° N 85.8° W 12 km
F 56.7° N 73.2° W 24 km
G 56.9° N 75.7° W 7 km
K 58.7° N 84.5° W 13 km
L 54.8° N 78.6° W 21 km
M 54.8° N 79.6° W 9 km