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Xenophile Media is a Toronto-based cross-platform production company founded in 2002 by Patrick Crowe and Thomas Wallner. They are best known for creating alternate reality games linked to television series such as the ReGenesis Extended Reality game produced in association with Shaftesbury Films and the Fallen Alternate Reality Game produced for ABC Family with Matt Wolf (Double Twenty Productions). Xenophile won an International Interactive Emmy for the second season of the ReGenesis game in April 2007 and an Emmy for the Fallen game in September 2007. Xenophile also produces documentary films.


Founded in 2002, Xenophile is the brainchild of Thomas Wallner and Patrick Crowe. Cultivated as a new media production company, for eight years they worked in digital extensions to TV shows, winning Emmys, Geminis, and Genies among others along the way. In 2012, Wallner left the company and founded DEEP a company specializing in immersive filmmaking.[1][2]



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