Xenophon (crater)

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Normal xenophon.jpg
LRO image
Coordinates 22°48′S 122°06′E / 22.8°S 122.1°E / -22.8; 122.1Coordinates: 22°48′S 122°06′E / 22.8°S 122.1°E / -22.8; 122.1
Diameter 25 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 238° at sunrise
Eponym Xenophon
Xenophon is at top center, to the north of Zhiritskiy F. Apollo 15 image.

Xenophon is a small lunar crater that lies across the southern rim of the walled plain Fermi, to the west of the crater Tsiolkovskiy. South of Xenophon is Zhiritskiy F, a satellite crater of Zhiritskiy to the south-southwest.

The rim of this crater is eroded and crossed by several small craters, especially along the western edge. The interior floor is relatively featureless.

This crater is located on the far side of the Moon and cannot be seen directly from the Earth.


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