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Xeración Nós was a Galician nationalist intellectual group of the 1920s, which followed from the cultural Rexurdimento movement of the 19th century. The name alludes to the Irish Sinn Féin ("We Ourselves").[1][2] The group's tradition was revived by the Xeración Galaxia in the 1950s.[3]


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  1. ^ Geert Lernout, Wim Van Mierlo The Reception of James Joyce in Europe - Page 425 - 2004 "They were known as the Xeración Nós (Generation ourselves) — a name that alludes to the Irish Sinn Féin (We ourselves) — and they were grouped ... In August 1926, also in Nos, Otero Pedrayo gave the Galician translation of various .."
  2. ^ Harald Kittel Ubersetzung, Translation, Traduction: Ein Internationales Handbuch 2011 Page 2015 "The aim of this 'Xeración' was to translate avant-garde texts that could help link an independent Galician culture with the wider European content."
  3. ^ Kirsty Hooper Writing Galicia Into the World: New Cartographies, New Poetics 2011- Page 21 "Galician language and culture, setting them up in opposition to Spanish language and culture, in a way that in 1922 was still new ... The renewal of Galician cultural history from the early 1950s, through the efforts of the intellectual group known as the Xeración Galaxia, was ... given the estate's refusal to authorize translation into Galician, with the slightly bizarre consequence that Galician was confirmed"