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Xerez Deportivo FC
Xerez Deportivo FC logo.jpg
Full nameXerez Deportivo Fútbol Club
GroundEstadio Municipal de Chapín,
Jerez, Andalucía, Spain
Owner3,000 partners
ManagerRafael Coca de los Reyes
CoachAndrés García Tébar
League3ª – Group 10
2017–18División de Honor, 1st
WebsiteClub website

Xerez Deportivo Fútbol Club is a football club in Jerez de la Frontera. It was founded in 2013 by a group of fans due to the critical situation of the Xerez CD.[1] It plays in the Tercera División – Group 10, holding home matches at the Estadio Municipal de Chapín, with an overall 20,523-seat capacity. The team colours are usually blue shirts and socks, with white shorts.


Xerez kit presentation in Jerez (2013–14 season)

In June 2013, Joaquín Morales, chairman of Xerez CD, announced he was going to liquidate the club for economic reasons (the club had been in debt for years). A group of fans met and decided to form a new club to replace the old one, and on 28 June the new club, Xerez Deportivo FC, was inaugurated.[2] Morales consequently decided to sell Xerez CD to Ricardo García, a businessman who had considered liquidating another city club, Jerez Industrial CF.[3]

Federico Mayo CF B – Xerez Deportivo FC in Estadio de La Juventud (2013)

On 17 July 2013, the Salvemos al Xerez (Save Xerez) group held a special session, the Asamblea Xerecista (Assembly of Xerecistas),[4] with club supporters voting to decide the question: "Está usted de acuerdo en que el Xerez Deportivo FC comience a competir en la temporada 2013/14?" (Do you agree that Xerez Deportivo FC should play in the 2013–14 season?) The vote resulted in a 75.79% majority voting 'yes' (for: 689; against: 201; abstentions: 10),[5] and the new club started to play in the eighth national league.

With Sixto de la Calle as provisional president in its first season, the club. Retrieved 5,865 subscribers, a record for a non-professional club. On 30 December 2013, José Ravelo was elected its new president. On 6 April 2014, Deportivo FC was promoted to the seventh national league and won 3–1 against CD Guadiaro.[6]

Xerez DFC promotion to the 2nd Division Andaluza

In the summer of 2014, the assembly voted to create a futsal and a track team, and the club came to terms with the SD Jerez 93 futsal team and the Club Atletismo Chapín track team to include both as part of Xerez Deportivo FC.

The following season, the club acquired 4,102 subscribers and was able to attract players from higher categories. In early 2015, the board of directors decided to democratize the club and allow all members to attend assemblies and elect the president. On 22 February 2015, Xerez Deportivo FC was promoted to the sixth national league and won 6–0 against Espera CF. On 25 May 2015, Carlos Orúe resigned as coach due to disagreements with Pedro Ruiz (responsible for sports affairs) and some of the players. He was replaced by Daniel Pendín.

Match in Chapín

On 7 July 2015, it was disclosed that Xerez CD and Xerez Deportivo FC were negotiating to combine both clubs into one single club. The board of directors decided to convene an assembly on 23 July to make a decision. On 23 July, the Assembly met in Alcazar of Jerez de la Frontera, where over 350 partners of Xerez Deportivo FC decided for the "Unification of xerecismo" (for: 317; against: 39; abstentions: 7).[7] But finally the "Unification of xerecismo" was not carried out, because Xerez CD fans voted "no" (for: no data; against: 56; abstentions: 11).[8]

On 17 August, the assembly decided to create a rugby team.[9] Xerez Deportivo FC and Club Rugby Xerez, a rugby team founded in 1992, came to an collaboration agreement, so Club Rugby Xerez became a sports club. Early in September, most of Xerez DFC fans showed their discomfort with their board of directors and the Ayuntamiento de Jerez due to use of the Estadio Municipal de Chapín.[citation needed]

At the start of the new season, the club continued getting good results. In 2016 on Easter Sunday, Xerez Deportivo FC was promoted to the fifth national league and won 2–0 against Puerto Real CF. On 25 May, the Asamblea de Socios approved reaching an agreement with Estella CD to be the reserve team of Xerez DFC. In summer 2016, the club ended the affiliation contract with the "Atletismo Chapin" and "CRUXE" Rugby teams.

The following season, the club acquired 3,300 subscribers. In the beginning, the team didn't get good results and the coach, Dani Pendín, was relegated and replaced by Antonio Sanchez Franzon, who turned the results around. Pedro Ruiz, responsible for sports affairs, continued in the club despite complaints from the club's partners. Juan Carlos Ramírez was appointed Sports Director.

In 2018 they promoted to Tercera División.[10].

In the 2018/19 season the team debuts in national category in a very disputed competition. As a historical fact, the first exit out of Andalusia takes place, in a visit to Ceuta in which the "azulinos" impose 0-3 against the AD Ceuta in the Alfonso Murube Stadium.


Estadio Municipal de Chapín is a multi-purpose stadium in Jerez, Spain, currently used mostly for football matches. It is the home ground of Xerez Deportivo FC. Built in 1988, the stadium holds 20,523 spectators.

In 2002 the stadium was remodeled to accommodate the 2002 FEI World Equestrian Games, the entire grandstand being covered with a roof; a hotel, spa, and gym were added to the complex as well.

Since its foundation in 1988 until 2015, it was the home ground of Xerez CD and since 2013, it's the home ground of Xerez Deportivo FC.



Official shield of Xerez Deportivo Fútbol Club

The first official shield was exactly the same as the old coat of arms of the city of Jerez de la Frontera. It is surrounded by a circle with the name Xerez Deportivo FC and there is a ball in the middle. In 2018 after a consultation among the partners, it was decided to make a choice to choose a new shield. The process consisted of a voting between different alternatives, finally after three polls; Xerez changed its shield.


  • Mi Xerez

Desde niño se pone la camiseta,
en su pecho va su escudo y su bandera.
Por las calles de Jerez va caminando
hasta Chapín para cumplir una promesa.

Orgulloso de sentirse xerecista,
con la cabeza bien alta
como su padre le enseñó.
Desde el cielo sabe que él está mirando
dando fuerzas y apoyando
a su equipo campeón.

¡Mi Xerez, ole con ole y olé,
ole con ole y olé,
mi Xerez Deportivo!

La ciudad y la afición está orgullosa,
siempre contigo en la victoria y la derrota.
Animando hasta rompernos la garganta,
todos unidos alcanzaremos la gloria.

Xerecista hasta el día en que me muera,
en Segunda o en Primera, aquí siempre estaré yo.
Más que un equipo, mi Xerez es un sentimiento,
lo digo como lo siento, me sale del corazón.

¡Mi Xerez, ole con ole y olé,
ole con ole y olé,
mi Xerez Deportivo!



"Soy xerecista, seré fiel a mi escudo, blanquiazul es mi sangre y mi grito de guerra será: ¡XEREZ!"


"I am xerecista, I will be faithful to my shield, blue and white is my blood and my war cry will be: XEREZ!"


Season to season[edit]

Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
2013/14 8 2ª Prov. 1st
2014/15 7 3ª And. 1st
2015/16 6 2ª And. 1st
2016/17 5 Div. Hon. 6th
2017/18 5 Div. Hon. 1st
2018/19 4

Detailed list of seasons[edit]

Season Tier Division Pos Pld W D L GF GA Pts
2013–14 8 2ª Provincial 1st 34 31 2 1 119 22 95
2014–15 7 3ª Andaluza 1st 28 25 2 1 126 12 77
2015–16 6 2ª Andaluza 1st 32 29 1 2 92 12 88
2016–17 5 Div. de Honor 6th 38 17 13 8 65 43 63
2017–18 5 Div. de Honor 1st 34 23 5 6 59 18 74
2018–19 4 3ª División 7th 34 15 15 4 39 22 60

Top scorers[edit]

Season Player Goals
2013/14 Barba


2014/15 Guille 26
2015/16 Guille 23
2016/17 Tamayo 16
2017/18 Cuenca 12
2018/19 Adri Gallardo 15


  • Biggest win: Xerez DFC 9–0 CF Español de Vejer (2014–15 season) and Xerez DFC 9–0 Balón de Cádiz CF (2015–16 season)
  • Biggest defeat: CD Ciudad de Lucena 3–0 Xerez DFC (2016–17 season), UB Lebrijana 3–0 Xerez DFC (2018–19 season) and Xerez DFC 0-3 Córdoba CF B (2018–19 season)


Season Division Partners
2013/14 4ª Andaluza 5,865
2014/15 3ª Andaluza 4,102
2015/16 2ª Andaluza 3,500
2016/17 Div. de Honor 3,433
2017/18 Div. de Honor 2,782
2018/19 3ª División 3,000+

Sports brand and Sponsors[edit]

Season Sports brand
2013–2015 Brokal
2015–2017 Kipsta
2017– Errea
Season Sponsor
2013–2015 Manuel Alba
2015–2017 Helvetia
2017–2018 Galanmatic
2018– Ranabe

Fundación Xerecismo en Libertad[edit]

On 23 March 2015, the president and the secretary of Xerez founded Fundación Xerecismo en Libertad, an organisation dedicated to protecting the interests of Xerez Deportivo FC.

Área Social[edit]

Xerez Deportivo supports various charitable causes to promote a better society in the city.[11] Its volunteers work to improve animal welfare, operate soup kitchens, donate blood, and collect toys and food for the needy, among other such activities.

Current squad[edit]

As of March 2019

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Spain GK Camacho
2 Spain DF Basto
3 Spain DF Marcelo
4 Spain DF Adri Rodríguez
5 Spain DF Joaqui
6 Spain MF Jorge Herrero
7 Spain MF Manu Heredia
8 Spain MF Colorado
9 Spain FW Javi Tamayo
10 Spain MF Bello
11 Spain FW Javi Casares
12 Spain MF Alberto Heredia
No. Position Player
13 Argentina GK Flere
14 Spain MF Rodri
15 Spain FW Pepe
16 Spain MF Alvarado
17 Spain MF Antonio Jesús
18 France DF Robin Lafarge
19 Spain FW Khalok
20 Spain MF Juan Gómez
21 Spain FW Adri Gallardo
22 Spain DF Álex Padilla
23 Spain MF Cristian
25 Spain GK Borja Villegas


No. Term President Years
1 First provisional term Spain Sixto de la Calle 28 June 2013 – 30 December 2013
Spain Jose Ravelo 30 December 2013 – 20 June 2017
Spain Rafael Coca 20 June 2017 –


Coach Years
Spain Carlos Orúe 2013–2015
Argentina Daniel Pendín 2015–2016
Spain Sánchez Franzón 2016–2017
Spain Juan Luis Aguilocho 2017
Spain José Masegosa 2017–2019
Spain Andrés García Tébar 2019–


Governing Bodies of Xerez Deportivo FC


In the first season (2013/14), the club. Retrieved 5,865 subscribers, a record for a non-professional club. The next year, in the 2014/15 season, the club. Retrieved 4,102 subscribers.

The General Assembly is formed by all subscribers older than 18 years of age. It is responsible for voting every four years for the board and president of the club. Also each year they gather for the Extraordinary General Meeting where the annual accounts and the financial budget for the following year as well as other important issues are approved.


Kolectivo Sur is the ultras group of Xerez Deportivo FC. It was created in 1991 and it is located in Fondo Sur.


The main team with which Xerez has a sympathetic relationship is Sevilla FC. Good relations between the fans of Xerez DFC and Sevilla FC are born of their ultras groups, Biris Norte of Sevilla and Kolectivo Sur of Xerez, since the late 20th century due to similarity in the political ideology of both groups, as well as the proximity and characteristics of their cities.

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