Xero Error

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Xero Error
Directed byAshraf Ghori
Produced byAshraf Ghori. Associate Producers: Mohammad Mondal
Waqqas Qadir Sheikh
Vonnie Maddox
Written byAshraf Ghori
StarringMuhammed Ali Jamadar, Rhiannon Downie, Mouna Abbassy, Phat Mo, Nasser Chhipa, Nick Rego, Adnan Arif, Aqeel Fikree
Music byAbdul Razzak Al Busmait 'Q', Phat Mo, DJ Rav
Edited byWaqqas Qadir Sheikh, Ashraf Ghori
Distributed byXpanse CGI
Release date
  • April 2010 (2010-04)
Running time
8 minutes
CountryUnited Arab Emirates

Xero Error also known as Levity - Xero Error Minus1 is a computer generated science fiction film created and directed by Ashraf Ghori. It was produced by Xpanse CGI. It is notable for being UAE's first CGI science fiction film.[1][2][3][4] It won recognition at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival.[5][6]


Production on Xero Error commenced on November 2009 and completed by March 2010 . Xero Error is UAE's first film produced using computer-generated imagery.[7] It is also the first film for production company Xpanse CGI, which has worked previously in commercial advertising. In December 2008, Xpanse officials were in Houston, in attempts to raise the financing to cover the budget.[1]

Although the budget needed for a feature-length version of the film was not raised, it was produced as an eight-minute short and completed independently at Xpanse CGI. Volunteers from social media channels were enlisted to complete the film. Actors were auditioned after a Twitter and Facebook campaign.[8][9]


The film had its world premiere at the 3rd Gulf Film Festival,[10][11] April 2010 in Dubai UAE. It was also featured at the 63rd Festival de Cannes, the 10th edition of Sci-Fi-London[12] and other international film festivals.

Xpanse CGI is currently looking for investors to produce Xero Error for TV & film.[13]

Awards and recognition[edit]

  • Digital Studio Awards 2011 — Winner, Best up and coming filmmaker [14]
  • Digital Studio Awards 2011 — Runner-up, Animation of the Year
  • Made in UAE Awards — Distinguished Achievement Award, 2011
  • Gulf Film Festival, 2010 — Official Selection
  • Festival de Cannes 2010 — Screening, Court Metrage
  • Sci-Fi-London 2011 — Official Selection
  • ICon festival 2011 — Official Selection
  • SME Advisor Stars of Business Awards 2011 — Winner, Best Technology Implementation
  • SME Advisor Stars of Business Awards 2011 — Winner, Industry Achievement for Events & Entertainment


  • XE7 - Muhammed Ali Jamadar
  • ACYD - Rhiannon Downie
  • In Raby - Phat Mo
  • News Reporters
David George-Cosh
Mouna Abbassy
Nick Rego
Nasser Chhipa
Adnan Arif
  • Sheikh Abdullah - Aqeel Fikree
  • Video Caller - Mohammad Mondal


  • Written & Directed by - Ashraf Ghori
  • Produced by - Xpanse CGI
  • Executive Producer - Ashraf Ghori
  • Associate Producers
Mohammad Mondal
Waqqas Qadir Sheikh
  • Production Coordinator - Vonnie Maddox
  • Post Production Supervisor - Tamas Tancos
  • Motion Graphic Design - Nizam Mohammed
  • Sound Design - Abdul Razzak Al Busmait ‘Q’
  • Theme Music Composer - Abdul Razzak Al Busmait ‘Q’
  • Sound Engineer - DJ Rav
  • Audio Production - Tambi Studios
  • Environment Design
Ashraf Ghori
Peter Steiner
  • Character Rigging - Ahmed Shalaby
  • Character Modeling -
Stanislav Klabik
Ashraf Ghori
  • Character Animation
Ashraf Ghori
Jeen M. Thankappan
  • Matte Painting
Shane Dale
Ashraf Ghori
  • Rendered at
Xpanse CGI
Blackstone Studios
  • Cameramen
Waqqas Qadir Sheikh
Ritesh Jeswani
  • Editors
Waqqas Qadir Sheikh
Ashraf Ghori


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