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Xetra ("Exchange Electronic Trading", MIC Code XETR[1] is an electronic trading venue and trading technology of the same name for securities, based in Frankfurt, Germany. It was initially developed for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange which launched it in November, 1997.[2] It is operated by Deutsche Börse Cash Market, which is a member of Deutsche Börse.[3]

More than 14 other stock exchanges around the world have licensed the system. Xetra’s electronic trading technology proved popular with other exchanges as it had a good record of scalability, speed, reliability and the ease with which it could be adapted in other markets.

The conception and the implementation of the Xetra technology was carried out by Accenture and Deutsche Börse Systems, the technology division of Deutsche Börse.

The Xetra technology has been successfully implemented on the Irish Stock Exchange (operating as ISE Xetra),[4] the Vienna Stock Exchange,[5] the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, the European Energy Exchange,[6] the Budapest Stock Exchange,[7] and a number of other exchanges. It will also be installed on the Prague Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange.[8]

In September, 2011, disagreement over "the introduction of the Xetra" technology was given as the reason for the resignation of Budapest exchange head Mihaly Patai. "Patai, who is also chairman-chief executive of the Hungarian arm of Italy-based UniCredit S.p.A. (UNG.MI) and chairman of the Hungarian Banking Association, has been in charge of the bourse since December, 2008," according to the report.[9]

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