Xevious: Scramble Mission

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Xevious: Scramble Mission
Developer(s) Bandai
Publisher(s) Bandai
Series Xevious
Release May 31, 2006
Genre(s) Vertical-scrolling shooter

Xevious Scramble Mission (ゼビウス スクランブルミッション, Zebiusu Sukuranburu Misshon) is a vertical scrolling shooter video game developed by Bandai on May 31, 2006 in Japan only.[1] It is the eighth game in the Xevious series and was exclusive to the Namco Nostalgia 1 "plug'n play" game console; which also included the original Xevious, Mappy and a new game titled Mappy: Revenge of Nyamco.[2]


The player controls the Solvalou fighter and must make its way to the end boss before the timer runs out by maneuvering through a series of large corridors.[3] The Solvalou has two weapons; the air zapper, which is used for defeating air-based enemies, and the blaster bomb, which is used for destroying ground targets. Scattered around the corridors are Special Flags from Rally-X, which the player can collect for additional points. At the end of the stage is a large boss based on the Andor Genesis from previous entries in the series; however the Solvalou can only destroy the four blaster cannons placed on the sides of the boss. The player has an infinite number of lives; however, should the time limit run out before the stage is completed, the game will immediately be over.