Xhavit Shyqyri Demneri Street

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Xhavid Sheqyri Demneri Street (Albanian: Rruga Xhavit Shyqyri Demneri) is a street in Tirana. It was formerly known as Mustafa Lleshi Street It was given this name in 2010, to honour Xhavit Shyqyri Demneri, an Albanian football hero.

Name change[edit]

In the spring of 2010, Tirana officials began ordering that all streets must have visible name signs. Without warning or consultation with the community, a large section of Mustafa Lleshi Street was changed to Xhavit Shyqyri Demneri Street, forcing residents to re-submit all property documents for updating. Many residents now living on Xhavit Shyqyri Demneri continue to refer to their street as Mustafa Lleshi.

Formal inauguration[edit]

On Sunday, March 27, 2011, family of Xhavit Demneri, friends, fellow sportsmen and the Municipality of Tirana paid their respects to the memory of Demneri by placing a plaque below the street sign, followed by a reception, at the corner of Mustafa Lleshi Street and Xhavit Shyqyri Demneri street.

Notable residents[edit]