Xhemal Pasha Zogu

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Xhemal Pasha Zogu
Castle Burgajet, Ottoman Empire
Died1911 (aged 50–51)
SpouseMelek Hanem
Sadijé Hanem
FatherXhelal Pasha Zogolli
MotherRuhijé Hanem

Xhemal Pasha Zogu ([dʒɛ'mal pa'ʃa 'zɔɡu];[stress?] 1860–1911), also known as Jamal Pasha or Jamal Pasha Zogolli, was the Hereditary Governor of Mati, Albania (at the time part of the Ottoman Empire). He was the father of King Zog I of Albania.

Born at Castle Burgajet, Mati (or Constantinople), in 1860, he was the third son of Xhelal Pasha Zogolli. He was educated privately and became Hereditary Governor of Mati upon the death of his older brother, Riza.

During the Great Eastern Crisis, a meeting held in Debar (1880) by Albanian notables deciding on the course of action regarding the Ottoman cessation of Ulcinj to Montenegro, Xhemal was in the pro-government group advocating no action be taken and was against a declaration of Albanian autonomy in the Balkans.[1]

Xhemal married Zenja Malika Khanum (Melek Hanem) (Castle Burgajet, Mati, c. 1860 - Castle Burgajet, Mati, 1884), his cousin germain, in Mati in 1880; after she died in childbirth in 1884 he married Sadiya Khanum (Sadijé Hanem) in Mati in 1887. Her title was later changed to Nëna Mbretëreshë i Shqiptarëvet ("Queen Mother of the Albanians").

He became involved in an insurrection against the Ottomans planned for June 1903, which did not take place.[2]


  1. Prince (Princ) Xhelal Bey Zogu (only child by first marriage)
  2. A son by his second wife who died in infancy or young
  3. Zog I of Albania


  1. Princess (Princeshë) Adila
  2. Princess (Princeshë) Nafisa
  3. Princess (Princeshë) Senije
  4. Princess (Princeshë) Muza Jan
  5. Princess (Princeshë) Ruqiya
  6. Princess (Princeshë) Majida


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Riza Zogolli
Hereditary Governor of Mati
Succeeded by
Ahmet Zogu


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