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Xhemil Dino ( 1894-1972 ) was an Albanian politician and diplomat.

He was born in Preveza in the Janina Vilayet of the Ottoman Empire in the 1894s to a branch of the notable Dino family of the area. He studied in Galatasaray High School and after the declaration of independence of Albania he was elected deputy of Dibër. He was a delegate from Albania to the Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Assembly of the League of Nations (1925–1927). He became ambassador of Albania to the United Kingdom in 1932.

During the era of the monarchy King Zog appointed him Minister of Foreign Affairs. During the Italian occupation of Albania Xhemil Dino was given the rank of an ambassador in the Italian service. After occupied by the Axis forces (1941–1944), Xhemil Dino was appointed the High Commissioner of Thesprotia (Cameria) and actively collaborated with the Italian and German forces.[1]


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