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Xhevdet Bajraj on a public poetry reading in Mexico City.

Xhevdet Bajraj (Serbo-Croat: Dževdet Bajraj) (born in 1960, in Kosovo, Serbia, FPR Yugoslavia) is an ethnic Albanian Kosovar poet and screenwriter now residing in Mexico.

Bajraj was granted residency in Mexico as a refugee thanks to the International Parliament of Writers that offered him the options of France, Italy or Mexico. He fled the war in the Kosovo for a more peaceful Mexico City where he resides with his wife (a physician) and two children.


  • El tamaño del dolor ("The size of the pain", 2005)
  • Ruego albanés ("Albanian plea", 2000)
  • Slaying the Mosquito, 2017


  • Aro Tolbukhin, en la mente del asesino ("Aro Tolbukin, in the mind of the assassin", 2002)

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