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Xi Herculis (ξ Her, 92 Her, HD 163993, SAO 85590, HR 6703) is a star located within the constellation of Hercules. Its declination is 29° 15′, its right ascension is 17h 58m, and its apparent magnitude is 3.7. Xi Herculis is about 160 light-years from Earth.

This star has 2.26 times the mass of the Sun, with a projected rotational velocity of 3.2 km s−1.[1] it is radiating 62 times the luminosity of the Sun from the outer atmosphere at an effective temperature of 4,963 K.[2]

Chinese name[edit]

In R.H.Allen's version, this star, together with ν Her and 99 Her (b Herculis) were represent states Zhongshan (or Chung Shan' "the Middle Mountain").,[3] but in Chinese literature, it was only for ο Her.[4]


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