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Main street of Xiachuan Tourist Zone
Live seafood in seafood restaurant
Street musicians

Xiachuan Island (下川岛 pinyin Xiàchuāndǎo) is an island of the South China Sea, on the southern coast of China, part of the Guangdong province.


Administratively, Chuandao (川岛镇) is one of the 16 towns of Taishan.


The island is located near the larger Shangchuan Island, which lies East of Xiachuan.


Shangchuan and Xiachuan have been established as a Tourism Open Integrated Experimental Zones (旅游开发综合试验区 pinyin lǚyóu kāifā zōnghé shìyàn qū).


Xiachuan Island is linked from the mainland by ferry. There is also ferry service between Xiachuan and its sister island Shangchuan Island.

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Coordinates: 21°39′N 112°36′E / 21.650°N 112.600°E / 21.650; 112.600