Xiamen Island

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Coordinates: 24°29′36″N 118°08′11″E / 24.4932°N 118.1363°E / 24.4932; 118.1363

Xiamen Island, looking south. The Gaoji Causeway lies at the bottom and the old Yundang Harbor—now an inclosed lake—lies to the right. The Kinmen Islands controlled by the Republic of China are visible to the upper left.

Xiamen Island, alternately known as Amoy Island from its Hokkien pronunciation, is an island in southeastern Fujian, China, on the Taiwan Strait. It is administered by the People's Republic of China as the Huli and Siming urban districts of the sub-provincial city of Xiamen. It has an area of 155.89 square kilometers (60.19 sq mi) With a population of 1,847,047 people, it forms the core of the city's special economic zone.[1]

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