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Xiamen Special Economic Zone (Chinese: 厦门经济特区; pinyin: Xiàmén Jīngjì Tèqū; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Ē-mn̂g Keng-chè Te̍k-khu), established in October 1980, is one of the five special economic zones in the People's Republic of China. Originally comprising a territory of 2.5 km² in Xiamen City, it was expanded to 131 km² in 1984, covering the entire Xiamen Island, which comprises Huli District and Siming District excluding Gulangyu.

Haicang and Xinglin districts were designated "Taiwan Businessmen Investment Zones" on 20 May 1989, and Jimei District was designated in 1992. Foreign investment enjoys the same economic policies as in the special economic zone.

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