Xian H-20

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Xian H-20
Role Strategic bomber
Manufacturer Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation
Status In development
Primary user People's Liberation Army Air Force

The Xian H-20 (Chinese: 轰-20; pinyin: Hōng-20; alternatively Xian H-X) is a subsonic stealth bomber design of the People's Liberation Army Air Force, due to enter service in the future. It is referred to as a strategic project by the People's Liberation Army.[1][2][3]

The United States expects the H-20 to be able to carry nuclear weapons. The aircraft may enter service around 2025.[4]


According to the China Daily, Chinese military officials have made clear intentions to develop a strategic bomber capable of striking targets beyond the second island chain without aerial refueling, while carrying a payload of at least 10 tons.[5]

Aviation researcher Fu Qianshao stated that China's long-range bomber should have a range of at least 12,000 kilometers and 20 tons of payload capacity.[6]

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