Xianning North Railway Station

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Xianning North Railway Station
Chinese: 咸宁北
China Railway High-speed
The platform at Xianning North Railway Station ,China.jpg
The platform at Xianning North Railway Station.
Other names Xianning North
Location Ducuan Village, Guanbuqiao Town (官埠桥镇渡船村), Xian'an District, Xianning, Hubei
Coordinates 29°54′06″N 114°17′44″E / 29.90167°N 114.29556°E / 29.90167; 114.29556Coordinates: 29°54′06″N 114°17′44″E / 29.90167°N 114.29556°E / 29.90167; 114.29556
Operated by Wuhan Railway Bureau
Line(s) Wuhan–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway
Other information
Station code IATA: IUO[1]
Opened 2009

The Xianning North Railway Station (simplified Chinese: 咸宁北站; traditional Chinese: 咸寧北站; pinyin: Xiánníng Běi Zhàn) is a railway station on the Wuhan–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway, serving the city of Xianning in the Hubei Province, China.

The station is located on the northern edge of Xianning's urban core, near Guanbuqiao Town (官埠桥镇) of Xian'an District.

Other stations in town[edit]

The station on the original Beijing–Guangzhou Railway is known as simply Xianning Railway Station. It is located about 2 km from Xianning North.

The name "Xianning North Railway Station" was also used in early design documents for the station of the Wuchang–Xianning Intercity Railway.[2] By the time of that's system opening (in the late 2013) that station became known as Xianning East Railway Station.[3]


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