Xianren Cave

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Xianren Cave (仙人洞)
Wannian Xianrendong yizhi 8816.jpg
Country China
Region Jiangxi Province
District Wannian County
Xianren Cave is located in China
Xianren Cave
Xianren Cave
Map of China showing the Xianren Cave
Xianren Cave
Geographical range China
Period Paleolithic China
Dates circa 18,000 B.C.E. — circa 17,000 B.C.E.
Type site Xianren Cave
Preceded by Yuchanyan Cave
Followed by Nanzhuangtou
Xianren Cave
Chinese 仙人洞
Literal meaning Immortal's Cave

Xianren Cave is a small cave located in Dayuan Village (大源乡) Wannian County, Jiangxi province, China,[1] and a location for historically important finds of prehistoric pottery shards and rice grains. The name refers to the legendary Chinese Xian "immortal; transcendent; fairy". The cave is 7 metres (23 ft) tall,11 metres (36 ft) wide and 14 metres (46 ft) deep.

Inside the Xianren Cave.
Pottery found in the cave, around 10 thousand years old.

In 2012, according to Science, the earliest pottery found anywhere in the world, dating to 20,000 to 19,000 calendar years before the present, was found at this site.[2][3]


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Coordinates: 29°33′56″N 115°57′31″E / 29.56556°N 115.95861°E / 29.56556; 115.95861