Xianxi, Changhua

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Coordinates: 24°08′00″N 120°27′32″E / 24.133438°N 120.458881°E / 24.133438; 120.458881

Xianxi Township in Changhua County
Xianxi Township

Xianxi Township (Chinese: 線西鄉; pinyin: Xiànxi Xiāng, Wade-giles: Hsianhsi) is a rural township in Changhua County, Taiwan with over 17,000 residents. With an area of 18.1 square kilometres,[1] it is the smallest township in the county.[citation needed]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The township comprises eight villages: Dexing, Dingli, Dingzhuang, Gounei, Wenzi, Xiali, Xianxi and Yupu.[1]


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