Xiao Guanyin

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Xiao Guanyin
Empress consort of the Liao dynasty
Tenure1055–13 December 1075
SuccessorXiao Tansi
EmperorEmperor Daozong of Liao
DiedDecember 13, 1075(1075-12-13) (aged 34–35)
Qing Mausoleum (慶陵)
FatherXiao Hui
MotherYelü Shuogu

Xiao Guanyin (蕭觀音; 1040–13 December 1075), known as the Yide Empress (懿德皇后) during her tenure from 1055 to 1075, and as Xuanyi Empress (宣懿皇后) after her death, was an empress consort of the Liao dynasty, married to her cousin Emperor Daozong of Liao. She was falsely accused of adultery and forced to commit suicide.

Xiao Guanyin was described as "exceedingly beautiful". A sinicized Khitan, she was a pipa virtuoso and wrote songs as well as Chinese poetry. Fourteen of her poems have survived, which have all been translated into English.[1]


Both Xiao Guanyin and Emperor Daozong were Emperor Shengzong's grandchildren and therefore cousins.

Ancestors of Xiao Guanyin
Xiao Hui
Xiao Guanyin
Emperor Shizong of Liao
Emperor Jingzong of Liao
Xiao Sagezhi
Emperor Shengzong of Liao
Xiao Siwen
Xiao Yanyan
Yelü Lübugu
Yelü Shuogu
Xiao Taogui
Xiao Noujin


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