Xiao Tabuyan

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Xiao Tabuyan
Regent of Qara Khitai
Regency 1143–1150
Predecessor Yelü Dashi
Successor Yelü Yilie
Spouse Yelü Dashi
Issue Yelü Yilie
Era dates
Xianqing (咸清 Xiánqīng) 1144–1150
Posthumous name
Empress Gantian (感天皇后 Gǎntiān Huánghòu)
Religion Buddhism

Xiao Tabuyan (Chinese: 蕭塔不煙; pinyin: Xiāo Tǎbùyān) — was an empress of Yelü Dashi, the Qara Khitai emperor, who was also her first cousin. She was known in Muslim sources as Kuyang or Orghina.[1]


After Yelü Dashi's death in 1143, she assumed the throne as regent for his little son Yelü Yilie. She also changed era date to Xianqing and started to rule effectively.

In March 1144, Oghuz tribes reinvaded Bukhara[2] and held it probably for 1148.[1]Later that year Xizong of Jin sent a messenger named Zhangge Hannu (粘割韩奴) to Tabuyan, who only arrived in Qara Khitai lands in 1146, demanding her submission to Jin. Furious Tabuyan executed him immediately.

She stepped down in 1150, when Yelü Yilie came of age.


Husband: Yelü Dashi


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Xiao Tabuyan
House of Yelü (1124–1143)
Born: ? Died: ?
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Emperor Tianyou
Emperor of the Liao Dynasty
Succeeded by
Emperor Renzong
Gurkhan of Qara Khitai
Succeeded by
Emperor Renzong