Xiao Zhao (crater)

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Xiao Zhao
Xiao Zhao EN0108828473Ml labeled.jpg
Coordinates10°38′N 236°13′W / 10.64°N 236.21°W / 10.64; -236.21Coordinates: 10°38′N 236°13′W / 10.64°N 236.21°W / 10.64; -236.21
Diameter23.0 km
EponymXiao Zhao, 12th-century Chinese artist.

Xiao Zhao crater is small in comparison with many other craters on Mercury. However, Xiao Zhao's long bright rays make it a readily visible feature. The fresh, bright rays, which were created by material ejected outward during the impact event that formed the crater, indicate that Xiao Zhao is a relatively young crater on Mercury's surface.[1]

Xiao Zhao is located near Eastman crater.


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