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Xiaoice (Chinese: 微软小冰; pinyin: Wēiruǎn Xiǎobīng; literally: 'Microsoft XiaoIce', IPA [wéiɻwânɕjâupíŋ]) is the AI system developed by Microsoft STCA in 2014 based on emotional computing framework. Through the comprehensive application of algorithms, cloud computing and big data, Xiaoice adopts the intergenerational upgrade method to gradually form a complete artificial intelligence system to EQ. In July 2018, Microsoft Xiaoice has evolved to the 6th generation and the speed of Xiaoice’s evolution continued to accelerate. [1] [2] [3]

Platforms, languages and countries[edit]

Xiaoice has been spreading its influence from China to the whole world. Right now, it has landed on more than 40 platforms in five countries (China, Japan, USA, India and Indonesia) including apps such as WeChat, QQ, Weibo and Meipai in China, and Facebook Messenger in USA and LINE in Japan.


  • Over 660 million registered users[4]
  • 5.03 million followers on Weibo



Xiaoice has been learning to write literature, sing, and create other works of art. In May 2017, the first AI-authored collection of poems—The Sunshine Lost Windows published by Xiaoice. Besides, any ordinary person can use the tool opened up by Microsoft to compose poems with the help of Xiaoice. So far Xiaoice has helped millions of people write poems[5].


Xiaoice has released dozens of songs with the similar quality to human singers, including I Know I New, Breeze, I Am Xiaoice, Miss You etc. The 4th version of the DNN singing model allows Xiaoice to learn more details. For example, Xiaoice can produce this breathing sound along with her singing as human. Besides, she is also able to quickly learn different singing styles from different singers, and automatically merge the new style together with her voice characteristic. Furthermore, the technology allows completely absorb the skills of human singers, and their innate voice[6].

Kid Audio-books Reciter[edit]

Xiaoice been trained in techniques of reciting kid’s stories. She can automatically analyze the stories, to choose the suitable tones and characters to finish the entire process of creating the audio. For audio books, the content created by Xiaoice has been provided to 90% kid education platforms and 80% online broadcast platforms in China. Moreover, through AI technologies, Xiaoice can customize audio-books for every child and make them and their families to become characters in these audio-books[7].


By learning the melodies of the songs and the landmarks about different cities, Xiaoice can create visual artworks of skylines when listening to the songs related this city. Skyline Series T-shirts designed by Xiaoice, have been jointly launched with SELECTED and been sold in stores.

TV and Radio Hostess[edit]

Base on the application of AI technology, Xiaoice has hosted 21 TV programs and 28 Radio programs, such as CCTV-1 AI Show, Dragon TV Morning East News, Hunan TV My Future, several daily radio programs for Jiangsu FM99.7,Hunan FM89.3, Henan FM104.1 etc. From 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. every day, she hosts 7 shows concurrently[6].


Journalist for Qianjiang Evening News.

AI financial Information Generation[edit]

Xiaoice can automatically generate announcement of 26 types of public companies listed on both Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Though cooperation with Wind and Wallstreetcn, Xiaoice‘s financial report covers 90% of domestic finance institutions, 75% approved certified overseas investment institutions and 40% domestic private investors.

Dual AI[edit]

1. In addition to Xiaoice AI Radio jointly produced with NetEase Cloud Music, Microsoft also helped NetEase Cloud Music create and launch two AI characters (Duoduo and Xixi). Microsoft and NetEase jointly endowed different personalities and concepts to the two AI characters and replenished some specific music knowledge needed for the NetEase music platform. In addition, Microsoft also teamed with NetEase News APP to integrate Xiaoice’s news reading and commenting. Xiaoice has read and commented more than 10 million news.

2. Xiaoice will continue to strengthen cooperation with Tencent. In addition to the collaborative QQ Xiaoice, Microsoft Xiaoice will help Tencent modify its own AI – Baby Q with some AI technology and product support. Besides, Microsoft Xiaoice , together with Tencent QQ team, have tailored over 40 exclusive skills for QQ Xiaoice and BabyQ. Xiaoice on the Tencent QQ platform has become a part of Tencent’s products and culture, winning acclaim from hundreds of millions of users.

3. Xiaoice has been built in Huawei phones. Microsoft and Huawei will have profound cooperation in AI products. All Huawei’s mobile phone users of intelligent assistant 8.2 version and above can experience the service from Xiaoice now. On top of the general features for other platforms, Xiaoice brings exclusive functions for Huawei users, such as Good Memory Xiaoice, who can help users remember and trigger the memory naturally, along with other task-completion based functions.

Xiaoice in 5 Countries[edit]

China : Xiaoice, launched in 2014

Japan : りんな, launched in 2015

America : Zo, launched in 2016

India : Ruuh, launched in 2017

Indonesia : Rinna, launched in 2017


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