Xiasi Dog

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Xiasi Dog
Xiasi Quan dog.jpg
Other names Xiasi Quan, Bai Long Quan
Origin China
Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

Xiasi Dog (also known as Xiasi Quan or Bai Long Quan) is a breed of dog originating from Guizhou Province in China, recognised by the Chinese Kennel Club. Since the breed is mainly raised in the town of Xiasi, Kaili city, the official name for this breed is Xiasi Quan, though members of the Miao ethnic group also refer to this breed as Bai Long Quan.[1]


Xiasi Quan have distinctive characteristics and traits which make them ideal hunting dogs. Their lean muscular bodies, padded paws, and powerful legs are bred to follow fast and agile prey. In southern area of Guizhou, Xiasi Quan is often trained to be a guard dog. Xiasi Quan possess a keen sense of smell, as well as impressive speed and stamina.[2] Xiasi dogs are very loyal and affectionate to their owners.

An adult individual weighs from 22 to 66 pounds, with a height ranging from 17 to 20 inches. It has a short, wiry, white-coloured pelt, a large face with pointed ears, small eyes and a wide mouth. The dog's skin appears red around its nose, mouth and ears.{{[3]}}


The breed, which is named after the village of Xiasi, prefecture of Kaiili, is now accepted in most Chinese dog shows, if not by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale. {{[4]}}


In the early age, the purpose of Xiasi Quan was to protect home safety and to hunting in village. Xiasi Quan is smart and agility, so after 90s, people use Xiasi Quan only for hunting. Xiasi Quan is very kind for its host, know what doer host think about, and know how to cooperate with host.[5]


Xiasi Quan and people in Guizhou have been living together for long time of period. In Guizhou, the Xiasi Dog is respected by people due to the belief that the dog brings wealth to family. This is thought to have originated in 1080, when Xiasi Dog was trained to hunt animals to trade.


The Xiasi Quan has an adaptive nature and is easy to raise and train. In 2013 it was ranked #3 in a competition for world-renowned[6] dog breeds.

In the Chinese Province of Guizhou, Xiasi dogs are bred to fight boars in competitions. Each bout lasts three minutes with the dogs being judged on their willingness to attack as well as the number of attacks made. Many of these competitions have upwards of 100 dogs competing at any one gathering.[7]

Relevant news[edit]

The Xiasi Quan dog breed is on the verge of extinction. It is estimated that in the origin of the breed; Majiang County, Guizhou Province, the number of purebred Xiasi dogs is only about 270 individuals.[8]


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