Xiasi Dog

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Xiasi Dog
Xiasi Quan dog.jpg
Other namesXiasi Quan, Bai Long Quan
Dog (domestic dog)

Xiasi Dog (also known as Xiasi Quan,[1] or Bai Long Quan) is a breed of dog originating from Guizhou Province in China. Since the breed is mainly raised in the town of Xiasi, Kaili city, the official name for this breed is Xiasi Quan, though members of the Miao ethnic group also refer to this breed as Bai Long Quan.[citation needed]


Xiasi Quan have distinctive characteristics and traits which make them ideal hunting dogs. Their lean muscular bodies, padded paws, and powerful legs are bred to follow fast and agile prey. In southern area of Guizhou, Xiasi Quan are often trained as guard dogs. Xiasi Quan possess a keen sense of smell, as well as impressive speed and stamina.[citation needed]

An adult individual weighs from 22 to 66 pounds, with a height ranging from 17 to 20 inches. It has a short, wiry, white-coloured pelt, a large face with pointed ears, small eyes and a wide mouth. The dog's skin appears red around its nose, mouth and ears.[2]


The breed, which is named after the village of Xiasi, prefecture of Kaiili, is now accepted in most Chinese dog shows.[1]


Initially, the original purpose of the Xiasi Quan breed was for household protection and hunting. The breed's innate intelligence and agility made them effective hunters, so the Xiasi dog was primarily used for hunting after the 90s. The Xiasi Dog has a kind temperament towards owners, and cooperates well under human guidance.[citation needed]


Xiasi Quan and people in Guizhou have been living together for a long period of time. In Guizhou, the Xiasi Dog is respected by people due to the belief that the dog brings wealth to family.[3]


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