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Xie Tiao (traditional Chinese: 謝朓; simplified Chinese: 谢朓; pinyin: Xiè Tiào) (464–499) his style name is Xuan Hui (玄辉). Xie Tiao was born in Yangjia (阳夏, now in Henan province). He was one of the foremost Chinese poets of the Southern and Northern Dynasties. He was known as "Xiao Xie" (that is, "Little Xie") compared with Xie Lingyun.

Xie Tiao left a number of beautiful poems which focused on "mountains and streams."


Xie was born in a noble family. His father, Xie Wei (谢纬) was a shilang (侍郎, assistant minister) and his mother was princess of Empire Songwen. Xie was hard-working when he was young. He was known for his articles.


Xie left nearly 200 poems. Most of them are about the beauty of nature, and are famous for their details and vivid description. Examples include "余霞散成绮,澄江静如练" and "天际识归舟,云中辨江树".

Opinions on beauty[edit]