Xihu, Miaoli

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Coordinates: 24°33′00″N 120°45′00″E / 24.55000°N 120.75000°E / 24.55000; 120.75000

Xihu Township in Miaoli County
Xihu Township Office

Xihu Township (Chinese: 西湖鄉; pinyin: Xīhú Xiāng; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Se-ô· hiong) is a rural township near the center of Miaoli County, Taiwan.


East neighbor Miaoli City, north neighbor Houlong, West the neighbor Tongxiao, south meets Tongluo.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Gaopu Village, Xiapu Village, Wuhu Village, Sihu Village, Sanhu Village, Longdong Village, Jinshi Village, Hutung Village and Erhu Village.

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