Xihu District, Benxi

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Xihu District (simplified Chinese: 溪湖区; traditional Chinese: 溪湖區; pinyin: Xīhú Qū) is a District under the administration of Benxi City, Liaoning, People's Republic of China. It has a total area of 320 square kilometres (120 sq mi), and a population of approximately 230,000 people as of 2002.

Administrative Divisions[1][edit]

There are 6 subdistricts, 3 towns, and 1 township in the district.



The only township is Zhangqizhai Township (张其寨乡)


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Coordinates: 41°19′43″N 123°46′12″E / 41.32861°N 123.77000°E / 41.32861; 123.77000