Xihu District, Nanchang

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Coordinates: 28°39′27″N 115°52′38″E / 28.6576°N 115.8772°E / 28.6576; 115.8772Coordinates: 28°39′27″N 115°52′38″E / 28.6576°N 115.8772°E / 28.6576; 115.8772
Country People's Republic of China
Province Jiangxi
Prefecture-level city Nanchang
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)

Xihu District (Chinese: 西湖区; pinyin: Xīhú Qū), literally meaning "west lake district", is a district of Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi Province, China. The district was created in the Tang Dynasty when a bridge was built across Nanchang's Taihu lake, dividing the area into the East and West Lake districts. It covers over 39 square kilometers and as of 2004 had a population of 460,000.

Administrative divisions[edit]

It is divided into 10 areas:

  • Shenjinta (绳金塔)
  • Taoyuan (桃源)
  • Chaoyangzhou (朝阳洲)
  • Guangrunmen (广润门)
  • Nanpu (南浦)
  • Xihu (西湖)
  • Simazhuang(系马桩)
  • Shizijie (十字街)
  • Dinggonglu (丁公路)
  • Nanzhan "South Station" (南站)

and 1 town:

  • Taohuazhen (桃花镇)

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