Xiluo Theater

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Xiluo Theater
Siluo Theater (Taiwan).jpg
Xiluo Theater is located in Taiwan
Xiluo Theater
Xiluo Theater
Location within Taiwan
LocationXiluo, Yunlin, Taiwan
Coordinates23°48′04.8″N 120°27′48.4″E / 23.801333°N 120.463444°E / 23.801333; 120.463444Coordinates: 23°48′04.8″N 120°27′48.4″E / 23.801333°N 120.463444°E / 23.801333; 120.463444
TypeFormer theater
Xiluo Theater interior

The Xiluo Theater (Chinese: 西螺戲院; pinyin: Xiluó Xìyuàn) is a former theater in Xiluo Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan.[1]


The theater building was originally built in 1940 under the name Xiluo Opera House with the funds from the prestigious Lin Guang-he clan. It was then later renamed as Xiluo Old Theater. The theater building was closed in early 1990s.[2]


The appearance of the theater is Baroque architecture in design. The front gable with symmetric arcs is decorated with stucco molding and added with embellishment patterns and tile mosaic. The interior is mostly of Chinese cypress structure. The theater has a grand stage with more than a thousand seating capacity.[3]

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