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Ximen (formerly Hsimen)
Taipei Metro
Platform 1 in Ximen Station.JPG
Ximen Station platform 1
Location No. 32-1, Baoqing Road
Zhongzheng and Wanhua, Taipei
Operated by
Connections Bus stop
Structure type Underground
Opened December 24, 1999
Passengers 117,753 daily (2011)[1]
(Ranked 3rd of 89)
Ximen Station
Traditional Chinese 西門站
Simplified Chinese 西门站

The Taipei Metro Ximen Station (formerly transliterated as Hsimen Station from 1999 until 2003) is located between the Zhongzheng and Wanhua districts in Taipei City, Taiwan. It is a transfer station on the Nangang Line, Banqiao Line, Xiaonanmen Line, and Songshan Line.[2]

The station is named for the old west gate of the city, whose location is roughly where the current station is located.

Station overview[edit]

Ximen Station Platform 2.

The station is a three-level,[3] underground structure with two island platforms and six exits.[4] The two platforms are stacked, thus allowing for cross-platform interchange between Line 3 and Line 5. Washrooms are inside the entrance area. In November 2010, the daily ridership at Ximen Station was 112,000,[5] making it the fourth busiest station on the network, just behind Taipei Main Station, Taipei City Hall and Zhongxiao Fuxing Station.

It is situated under Zhonghua Rd, at the intersection of Chengdu Rd, Hengyang Rd, and Baoqing Rd. The station is also connected to the Ximen Intelligent Library (an unmanned branch of the Taipei Public Library).

Exit 6 is heavily used by young people accessing the Ximending shopping area. The exit opening is set at the top of the pedestrian zone, although there is still vehicular traffic in that area. The station is often crowded on weekends, especially in the afternoon.


TRA Station[edit]

  • During Japanese rule, the station was called Shinkichō (新起町?) Field, opened on November 5, 1930. It was specifically for refueling and its location was roughly where the current station is today.
  • After the war during post-war rebuilding, the station's name was changed to the current "Ximen Station". However, the station location had disappeared due to illegal construction, so the station could not be reconstructed. An underground emergency station opened on September 2, 1987 as part of the Taipei Railway Underground Project.

Ximen Station used to be a station on the TRA Western Line. However, the underground area is nowadays only used as an emergency station and not open for revenue service.

Taipei Metro Station[edit]

In the past, plans for the Taoyuan Airport MRT had this station as a terminus. However, the route has since been altered and the station is no longer on the planned route. (Ximen Underground Passageway)

Station layout[edit]

L1 Street Level Exit/ Entrance
B1 Concourse Lobby, toilets, one-way ticket machine, information desk
B2 Platform 1   Line 5 toward Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (Taipei Main Station)
Island platform, doors will open on the right, left
Platform 2   Line 3 toward Songshan (Beimen)→
B3 Platform 3   Line 5 toward Dingpu/ Far Eastern Hospital (Longshan Temple)
Island platform, doors will open on the left, right
Platform 4   Line 3 toward Xindian/ Taipower Building (Xiaonanmen)


  • Exit 1: Intersection of Hanzhong St. and Chengdu Rd.
  • Exit 2: Zhonghua Rd. Sec. 1
  • Exit 3: Baoqing Rd.
  • Exit 4: Hengyang Rd. Accessibility Elevator
  • Exit 5: Intersection of Zhonghua Rd. Sec. 1 and Xiushan St.
  • Exit 6: Intersection of Hanzhong St. and Chengdu Rd. Accessibility Elevator

Around the station[edit]

Preceding station   Taipei Metro   Following station
toward Songshan
Line 3
toward Xindian
toward Dingpu
Line 5


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Coordinates: 25°02′34″N 121°30′31″E / 25.0427238°N 121.508577°E / 25.0427238; 121.508577