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Xin, by Kevin Lau Anarchy Studio
Publication information
Publisher Anarchy Studio
Publication date 2003
No. of issues Legend of the Monkey King & Journey of the Monkey King
Main character(s) Xin
General II
Creative team
Created by Kevin Lau
Jay Faerber
Erik Ko
Omar Dogan
Joe Madureira
Written by Kevin Lau
Artist(s) Kevin Lau
Colorist(s) Omar Dogan

XIN is an American comic book created by Kevin Lau, published by Anarchy Studio in 2003. The main character, Xin, also known as Monkey, was based on the character Sun Wukong, from the shenmo fantasy novel Journey to the West, a Chinese literary classic written in the Ming Dynasty. XIN took many facets of the ancient tale and twists them with a modern sensibility.

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