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Xinchang County (Chinese: 新昌县; pinyin: Xīnchāng Xiàn) is a county in central Zhejiang, administratively under the municipal government of Shaoxing. 430,000 people live in Xinchang.

Toxic Capsule Town[edit]

The town of Ruao (儒岙) became synonymous with poison. The factories using industrial gelatin to make pills were closed soon after CCTV reported the scandal on April 15, 2012.[1] A third of Ruao’s 30,000 population is employed in the capsule industry.


Xinchang is home to the Dafo Temple (大佛寺).

Coordinates: 29°30′06″N 120°54′16″E / 29.50167°N 120.90444°E / 29.50167; 120.90444