Xinfeng, Hsinchu

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Coordinates: 24°55′N 121°0′E / 24.917°N 121.000°E / 24.917; 121.000

Xinfeng Township in Hsinchu County
Xinfeng Township

Xinfeng Township (Chinese: 新豐鄉; pinyin: Xīnfēng Xiāng) is a rural township in Hsinchu County in northern Taiwan. It had an estimated population of 56,484 as of January 2017.[1]


Xinfeng is a major industrial and manufacturing center in Hsinchu. It shares the Hsinchu Industrial Park with its neighboring town, Hukou. It is also the home of Ming Hsin University.


Xinfeng, encompassing 46.35 km2 (17.90 sq mi), is bounded by the Taiwan Strait on its west, Zhubei City to the south, Hukou Township to the east and Xinwu District of Taoyuan City on the north.[2]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The township comprises 17 villages: Fengkeng, Fuxing, Houhu, Jingpu, Potou, Puhe, Qiding, Ruixing, Shangkeng, Shanqi, Songbo, Songlin, Xhongxing, Xinfeng, Yuanshan, Zhonglun and Zhongxiao.[2]


Tourist attractions[edit]


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Railway West Main-line Xinfeng Station
Highway Tai1
Highway Tai15

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