Xingjiao Temple

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Pagoda of the Xingjia Temple

The Xingjiao Temple (Chinese: 兴教寺; pinyin: Xīngjiào Sì) is located in Shaoling Yuan, Chang'an District of Xi'an. The five-storied Buddhist relic pagoda, preserving the relics of Xuanzang, is inside the temple, along with the pagodas of his disciples, Kuiji and Yuance.[1][2]

Xingjiao Temple was built in AD 669 to reinhume Xuanzang and was one of eight famed temples in Fanchuan in Tang Dynasty.

Although the original Tang Dynasty stone pagoda is still standing, the temple was burnt to the ground at Tongzhi years in Qing Dynasty. It was rebuilt during the period of the Republic of China.


Coordinates: 34°05′29″N 109°02′02″E / 34.09139°N 109.03389°E / 34.09139; 109.03389