Hsing Tian Kong

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Xingtian Temple
Basic information
Location Zhongshan, Taipei, Taiwan
Website www.ht.org.tw
Architectural description
Architectural type Temple
Completed 1967[1]

Hsing Tian Kong (Chinese: 行天宮; pinyin: Xíngtiān Gōng; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Hêng-thian-kiong; also Xingtian Temple or Xingtian Gong) is a popular temple in Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan. This temple is devoted to Guan Yu, the patron god of businessmen, and is relatively recent in origin. This temple is situated on a street corner near the center of the city. Sculptures of dragons feature prominently in this temple's design. It covers over 7,000 square meters.[2]


It was constructed in 1967.[3]


The temple and its surrounding is served by the MRT Xingtian Temple Station.

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Coordinates: 25°03′47″N 121°32′02″E / 25.063073°N 121.533846°E / 25.063073; 121.533846