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Xinjiang Agricultural University (Chinese: 新疆农业大学; pinyin: Xīnjiāng Nóngyè Dàxué) was founded in 1952.[1] Located in Ürümqi, the capital of Xinjiang, China, Xinjiang Agricultural University (XAU), is a key institute of higher education.The campus of Xinjiang Agricultural University covers an area of 1496 acres and it is quiet, beautiful and well known as a garden university since its greenery is so extensive. In addition, it also has two practice farms, called Sanping and South Mountain respectively. The former covers 2,755800 million square meters. And the latter covers more than 4600 square meters. Over the half century, XAU has already developed into a multi-level and discipline institution that takes the undergraduate education as the basis with the coordinated development of doctor education, master education, international education, higher vocational education and continuing education. Now XAU has 17 colleges of Agronomy, Forestry, Animal Science, Machinery & Traffic, Water Hydrology & Civil Engineering, Economy & Management, Humanity & Society Sciences, Horticulture, Food Science, Grassland & Environmental Science, Animal Medicine, Pharmacy, Computer & Information Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics & Physics, Chinese Languages, Foreign Languages, and International Education. The school offers 60 disciplines for a bachelor's degree, 37 disciplines for a master's degree, 6 disciplines for a Doctorate and 6 post–doctoral mobile stations. There are over 800 faculty and over 20,000 students at XAU. From 1986 to the present, more than 800 long-term and short-term foreign students from 20 countries who have finished their study and graduated from XAU in the different disciplines of Chinese language, Uygur language, Kazak language, animal husbandry and grassland, etc. Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region where XAU is located is a multi-ethnic area. Its strong ethnic customs, unusual nature, modernistic urban construction, and high-speed economy development are fascinating for people from all over the world to study, invest in, and visit.

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