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Xinkai Automobile Group Co., Ltd.
Founded1984 (Gaobeidian)

Xinkai (officially Xinkai Auto Manufacture Corporation) (新凯汽车) is a Chinese car manufacturer headquartered in Gaobeidian. It was founded in 1984.


The company includes the head office in Gaobeidian, a production and assembly line in Zhuozhou, an auto parts manufacturing facility in Qinghe, and an assembly line in Tai'an.[citation needed]

The Toyota Camry XV10 was rebadged as the Xinkai HXK6630 where finding a joint venture was difficult in the 1990s.[1] then in 2004, Xinkai entered into an agreement with Mercedes-Benz to assemble the Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle for the Chinese market. Xinkai's original trucks are also exported, mainly to Africa and to Latin America. The Xinkai HXK1021 EB pickup truck is sold in Chile as the Autorrad Ruda.

Xinkai claims an annual production capacity of 60,000 units.[2][better source needed]



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