Xinning County

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Xinning County
Xinning is located in Hunan
Location in Hunan
Coordinates: 26°34′59″N 110°54′04″E / 26.583°N 110.901°E / 26.583; 110.901Coordinates: 26°34′59″N 110°54′04″E / 26.583°N 110.901°E / 26.583; 110.901[1]
Country People's Republic of China
Province Hunan
Prefecture-level city Shaoyang
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Xinning County (simplified Chinese: 新宁县; traditional Chinese: 新寧縣; pinyin: Xīnníng Xiàn) is under the administration of Shaoyang, Hunan province, China.

Ethnic groups[edit]

The Xinning County Almanac (1995:653) lists the following ethnic groups and their respective locations.

  • Yao
    • Malin township 麻林乡
    • Huangjin township 黄金乡
    • Shuiyuan village 水源村, Jingwei township 靖位乡
  • Miao
    • Huangjin township 黄金乡


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