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Coordinates: 22°29′17″N 120°34′53″E / 22.487975°N 120.581447°E / 22.487975; 120.581447

Xinpi Township
Traditional Chinese 新埤鄉
Hanyu Pinyin Xīnpí Xiāng
Wade–Giles Hsin1-p'i2 Hsiang1
Tongyong Pinyin Sinpí Siang
Romanization Sîn-phî-hiông
Hokkien POJ Sin-pi-hiong
Xinpi Township in Pingtung County
Xinpi Township

Xinpi Township,[1] also spelled Sinpi,[2] is a rural township in Pingtung County, Taiwan.


Population: 10,232 (December 2014)
Area: 59.01 km2 (22.78 sq mi)

Administrative divisions[edit]

The township comprises seven villages: Datie, Jiangong, Jihu, Nanfeng, Wanlong, Xiangtan and Xinbei.


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