Xinpu, Hsinchu

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Coordinates: 24°50′52″N 121°05′44″E / 24.84778°N 121.09556°E / 24.84778; 121.09556

Xinpu Township in Hsinchu County
Hsinpu Township
Hsinpu Township office

Xinpu Township (Chinese: 新埔鎭; pinyin: Xīnpǔ Zhèn; also known as Hsinpu) is an urban township in Hsinchu County, Taiwan.


Xinpu was formerly known as Baliguo (吧哩嘓), a commercial center during the Jiaqing Emperor rule of Qing Dynasty.[1]


Area: 72.19 square kilometres (27.87 sq mi)[2]
Population: 33,713 (January 2017)[3]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The township comprises 19 villages: Baoshi, Beiping, Hankeng, Jupu, Luming, Nanping, Neili, Qingshui, Shangliao, Sizuo, Tianxin, Wenshan, Wupu, Xialiao, Xinbei, Xinmin, Xinpu, Xinsheng and Zhaomen.[2]

Tourist attractions[edit]


Xinpu Bus Station

Bus station in the township is Xinpu Bus Station of Hsinchu Bus.


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