Xinsheng Road

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Xinsheng Road
Xinshen South Road and Daan Park View from Footbridge 20140727.jpg
Native name新生路  (Chinese)
Former name(s)Horikawa Avenue
LocationTaipei, Taiwan

The Xinsheng Road (Chinese: 新生路; also called 8th Avenue or Hsinsheng Road) is a major arterial in Taipei, Taiwan, connecting the Daan District in the south with the Zhongshan and the Shilin districts in the north. The roads were built along both sides of the Horikawa River in Japanese rule period, which was called Horikawa-dōri (Horikawa Avenue). Xinsheng Road is mainly a surface arterial, with the exception of the section between Zhongxiao Road and Zhongshan Road, where there is a four-lane expressway running above the surface arterial, which eventually carries the road over the Keelung River north of Minzu Road and onto Zhongshan Road on the other side. Xinsheng literally means "New Life" and the road is named after the New Life Movement which was established by Chiang Kai-shek and Soong Mei-ling.


Notable landmarks along Xinsheng Road include:


Xinsheng North Road[edit]

Xinsheng South Road[edit]

Major intersections[edit]

Exit list (expressway)[edit]

Intersecting Roads Notes
Jinshan Road Southern Terminus; BEGIN Expressway
Bade Road, Zhongxiao Road SB exit, NB entry only
Changan Road
Changchun Road SB exit only
Minsheng Road NB exit only
Minquan Road NB entry only
Minzu Road No SB exit
Zhongshan Road, Beian Road Complicated northern terminus

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