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Xinwu Tianhou Temple

Coordinates: 24°58′32″N 121°01′35″E / 24.975648°N 121.026444°E / 24.975648; 121.026444
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Xinwu Tianhou Temple
Traditional Chinese天后
Simplified Chinese天后
Literal meaningHeavenly Empress Palace
The statute of Mazu

The Tianhou[1] or Mazu Temple[2] is a temple to the Goddess Mazu, the Chinese Goddess of Sea and Patron Deity of fishermen, sailors and any occupations related to sea/ocean. It is located in Xinwu District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan.


The area of Xinwu was settled by Mazu-worshipping Fujianese immigrants during the mid-18th century, the Qianlong Era of the Qing dynasty. The Tianhou Temple was established in 1826[3] (the sixth year of Qing's Daoguang Era), with its location supposedly pointed out by the goddess. Its idol came from the Chaotian Temple in Beigang. The original small mud structure[1] has since been rebuilt or renovated in 1878, 1905, 1957, 1984, and 2002.[2]

The bronze statue of Mazu was erected in 2002. It is 32.7 meters (107 ft) high and 72 tons in weight.[1] It is protected by smaller statues of Mazu's door gods and guardians Qianliyan and Shunfeng'er.[2] It is the 2nd-tallest statue of Mazu on Taiwan and the 3rd-tallest in the world.

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