Xinyi Songde Station

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Xinyi Songde
Taipei Metro
Location Xinyi, Taipei
Operated by
Structure type Underground

Taipei Metro Xinyi Songde Station is a planned station on the Xinyi Line located in Xinyi, Taipei, Taiwan.

Station overview[edit]

The station is planned to be an underground station located slightly east of the Xinyi Road and Songde Road intersection under Xinyi Road. It will be built as part of Xinyi Line's Eastern Extension. The station will be a two-level, underground station with an island platform. It is part of the Xinyi Eastern Extension.

Station layout[edit]

1F Street Level Entrance/Exit
B1 Concourse Lobby, information desk, automatic ticketing dispensing machines, one-way faregates (Under construction)
Restrooms (Under construction)
B2 Platform 1 Taipei Metro Line R.svg Tamsui–Xinyi Line toward Tamsui (R02 Xiangshan)
Island platform, Under Construction
Platform 2 Taipei Metro Line R.svg Tamsui–Xinyi Line toward Guangci/Fengtian Temple(Zhongpo) (R01 Terminus)

Around the station[edit]

Preceding station   Taipei Metro   Following station
toward Tamsui
Taipei Metro Line R.svg Tamsui–Xinyi Line