Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium

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Coordinates: 25°02′28″N 121°26′52″E / 25.041158°N 121.447718°E / 25.041158; 121.447718

Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium
Location Xinzhuang, New Taipei, Taiwan
Capacity 7,200 (1997)
12,500 (2003)
Field size Left Field – 99.1 metres (325 ft)
Left-Center – 115.8 metres (380 ft)
Center Field – 121.9 metres (400 ft)
Right-Center – 115.8 metres (380 ft)
Right Field – 99.1 metres (325 ft)
Surface Grass
Broke ground July 4, 1996
Opened October 19, 1997[1]
Expanded October 5, 2003
Chinatrust Brothers
Fubon Guardians

The Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium (Chinese: 新莊棒球場; pinyin: Xīnzhuāng Bàngqiúchǎng) is a baseball stadium in Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. It is currently mostly used for CPBL baseball games. The stadium can hold 12,500 people and was opened in 1997.[2]

Ground rules[edit]

Part of the dugouts are covered by retractable roofs. The roofs must be retracted during games, and any fly ball that hits the retracted roof and bounces back is not considered a foul ball until it lands in foul terrority.

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The stadium is accessible within walking distance north west of Xinzhuang Station of Taipei Metro.

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