Xinzhuang Station (Shanghai)

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Xinzhuang Station
Shanghai Metro
Xinzhuang Station 2.jpg
Location Xinzhuang, Shanghai
Operated by Shanghai No.1 Metro Operation Co. Ltd.
Connections Xinzhuang Railway Station China Railway
Opened 1996
Preceding station   Shanghai Metro   Following station
toward Fujin Road
Line 1 Terminus
Terminus Line 5

Xinzhuang Station (simplified Chinese: 莘庄站; traditional Chinese: 莘莊站; pinyin: Xīnzhuāng Zhàn) is an interchange station on the Shanghai Metro. It is the southern terminus of Line 1 and the northern terminus of Line 5. It is one of the busiest stations in the Shanghai Metro serving 230,000 passengers everyday.[1] Both Line 1 and Line 5's stations have two side platforms and two tracks, with a wall separating the Line 1 and the Line 5 platforms.

Coordinates: 31°06′47″N 121°22′52″E / 31.1131°N 121.381°E / 31.1131; 121.381


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