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Taiwan Railways Administration
Taiwan High Speed Rail
Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit
THSR Zuoying Station.jpg
Xinzuoying Station
Other names Zuoying Station (HSR) / (MRT); 左營車站
Location Zuoying, Kaohsiung
Operated by
Distance 391.3 km from Keelung
Platforms THSR: 3 island platforms
TRA: 2 island platforms
KMRT: 1 island platform
Connections Bus stop
Structure type At-Grade/Underground
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Classification First Class (Taiwan Railways Administration level)
Opened October 31, 2006
Passengers MRT: 21,334 daily (Jan. 2011)[1]
TRA: 13,673 daily (2014)[2]
HSR: 46,584 daily (2016)[3]
TRA Xinzuoying Station
Traditional Chinese 新左營車站
Simplified Chinese 新左营车站
HSR Zuoying Station
Traditional Chinese 左營車站
Simplified Chinese 左营车站
MRT Zuoying Station
Traditional Chinese 左營站
Simplified Chinese 左营站
THSR Zuoying Station concourse
MRT Zuoying/THSR Station platforms
TRA platform level
THSR platform level

Xinzuoying Station (TRA, Chinese: 新左營車站; literally: "New Zuoying Station") or Zuoying Station (THSR and KMRT), is a major railway station served by Taiwan Railway Administration, Taiwan High Speed Rail, and Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit located in Zuoying District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Passengers can transfer between TRA Western Line, KMRT Red Line, and THSR at this station,[4] and it is the only rail station in southern Taiwan where three rail systems converge. The station handles over 64,000 passengers daily on conventional rail, metro, and high-speed rail.[1][2][3]


The station is located at the eastern foot of Mt. Panping (also known as Mt. Banping) in Kaohsiung, next to the South East Cement factory buildings.[5] In addition to rail routes, the station is also close to National Highway No. 1, 3, 10 and Provincial Highway No. 1 and 17.

On October 15, 2009, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi won a deal to lease a building at the station and turn it into a shopping complex under a 10-year operate-transfer (OT) contract for NT$505 million (US$15.6 million).[6] The new branch opened at the north-east corner of station on April 1, 2010. In June 2009, a folding bike rental station was set up at the MRT station to facilitate tourism in the city.[7] The station is also equipped with vehicle and motorcycle parking lots.[8]


The TRA and THSR parts are located in the above ground portion of the station, constructed together and opened for revenue service in January 2007 with the commencement of THSR service. As the current terminus of the line, the THSR part of the station has three island platforms serving six tracks. The TRA part of the station has two platforms serving four tracks, with one additional through track.

The KMRT portion of the station is a two-level station located underground,[9] at the northeastern part of the TRA/THSR station building.[5] The station has two exits[10] and opened for revenue service in March 2008. Dedicated exits between the KMRT station area to the TRA platforms allow direct transfer between TRA and KMRT trains. The KMRT part of the station has an island platform serving two tracks of the KMRT Red line.[9]

Platform layout[edit]

  • Taiwan High Speed Rail
Taiwan High Speed Rail (Northbound) Toward Tainan, Taichung, Taipei, Nangang
  • Taiwan Railway Administration
1 3B Western Line (Southbound, through traffic) Toward Kaohsiung, Pingtung
2 3A Western Line (Southbound) Toward Kaohsiung, Pingtung
South-Link Line (Southbound) Toward Taitung
3 2B Western Line (Northbound) Toward Changhua, Taichung, Taipei, Keelung
Eastern Line (Southbound, cross-line) Toward Yilan, Su'ao. Hualien
4 2A Western Line (Northbound, through traffic) Toward Changhua, Taichung, Taipei, Keelung
5 1A Branch Lines (Pingtung, South-Link Line departure) Toward Pingtung, Fangliao, Taitung
  • Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit
1   Red Line (Southbound) Toward Kaohsiung Station, Formosa Boulevard, Kaohsiung International Airport
2   Red Line (Northbound) Toward Nanzih Export Processing Zone, Ciaotou, (Gangshan South)

Station layout[edit]

4F Parking Deck Parking Lot, Drop-Off Area
3F Parking Deck Parking Lot
2F Concourse Level Entrance/Exit, TRA/THSR ticketing counters/machines
Restrooms, nursery, help desk, tourism counter, stores
TRA fargates, THSR faregates and waiting area
TRA/THSR Connecting Hallway
Parking Deck Parking lot, taxi queue, Drop-off area
Drop-off area
KMRT Exit 1, bus, passenger transfer station
Platform 1A THSR toward Nangang (Tainan)
Island platform
Platform 1B THSR toward Nangang (Tainan)
Platform 2A THSR toward Nangang (Tainan)
Island platform
Platform 2B THSR toward Nangang (Tainan)
Platform 3A THSR toward Nangang (Tainan)
Island platform
Platform 3B THSR toward Nangang (Tainan)
Platform 3B TRA Western Line toward Kaohsiung, Pingtung
South-Link Line toward Fangliao, Taitung (Zuoying)
Island platform
Platform 3A TRA Western Line toward Kaohsiung, Pingtung
TRA South-Link Line toward Fangliao, Taitung (Zuoying)
Platform 2B TRA Western Line toward Taichung, Taipei
Eastern Line toward Yilan, Hualien (Nanzi)
Island platform
Platform 2A
Platform 1B
TRA Western Line toward Taichung, Taipei
Eastern Line toward Yilan, Hualien (Nanzi)
Island platform (B side generally does not open)
Platform 1A TRA Western Line Branch Lines
South-Link Line toward Fangliao, Taitung (Zuoying)
Lobby, information desk, automatic ticket machines, one-way faregates, restrooms (East side, outside far zone, near Exit 1)
THSR transfer area (Under construction)
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Branch 2
B2 Platform 1 KMRT Red Line toward Siaogang (Ecological District)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Platform 2 KMRT Red Line toward Gangshan South (World Games)
Preceding station   Taiwan High Speed Rail   Following station
toward Nangang
Taiwan High Speed Rail Terminus
Preceding station   Taiwan Railway Administration   Following station
toward Keelung
West Coast Line
toward Kaohsiung
Preceding station   Kaohsiung MRT   Following station
Red Line
toward Siaogang


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Coordinates: 22°41′14.60″N 120°18′26.93″E / 22.6873889°N 120.3074806°E / 22.6873889; 120.3074806